LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) – It was a mission of mercy for the folks at Oliver and Friends Special Needs Animal Sanctuary in Luther.

More specifically, for Zurie the Chinese goose and Maddie the lamb.

Zurie was missing a foot after being shot and Maddie was missing a leg.

Andy Anders with Celerity Prosthetics of Oklahoma City was there to give the goose and lamb prosthetics so they can walk normally again.

Unlike his human patients, Andy has to custom make animal prosthetics by hand.

“It’s very rewarding,” Andy says. “Especially when the prosthetics actually work and function. Sometimes they do fail, but it’s a learning process.”

The new foot for Zurie worked perfectly. For the founder of Oliver and Friends, it was an emotional moment watching Zurie walk like a normal goose.

“To be able to see the transformation…” Jenni Hayes said with tears in her eyes. “To be able to see the transformation from an injured animal that didn’t have much of a will to live to get to this point where we’re actually able to help them in such a profound way to really enhance their life is everything to me, it’s the whole reason why we do this at all.”

Maddie the lamb’s new prosthetic is a little more of a challenge. Anders is still working on that, but should soon have it just right, and both Zurie and Maddie will be another example of compassion by the good folks at Oliver and Friends and those who support their mission.